day camp

Whew, this has been a busy week! Which is too bad because I have so much to tell you about! Let’s start with last weekend, when I went to the 5th annual Vermont Knit camp.

camp food

Except for Neil and I it was day camp, not overnight camp, this year. I was almost 34 weeks pregnant, and sleeping in a lean-to (with a long walk to the bathroom) seemed like a poor choice.

We still managed to be there from lunch through night time s’mores!
And we happily went geo-casheing

camp hikes


camp view

And yes, knitting

camp knitting

And the biggest surprise (for me anyway, apparently EVERYONE else was in on it. Including my mom, and Neil) was the adorable woodland baby shower! The younger girls managed some amazing decorations, and had made a cake ahead of time! And there was knitting, and crochet, and I really need to be home during daylight hours so I can properly document everything and show it to you…


One response to “day camp

  1. How fun! Glad you got an outing – I’m betting you needed a little mental break from everything right now. :)

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