If you’ve been reading the Yarn Harlot’s blog recently, there’s been a lot of talk about knitting for babies. It’s probably just the hormones, but some of it is making me teary… For instance the discussion on Heirloom knitting includes this piece of wisdom,

anything that a baby receives that is handmade with care is heirloom quality. I’ve crocheted many a baby layette and it still amazes me how few babies get handmade gifts anymore.

Well Random Internet Commenter, prepare to have your faith restored, because my friends have been knitting up a storm! I am honored that my baby has received so many handknits. Honored and more than a little blown away.

baby gifts2

My friends at camp outdid themselves, along with cake and tree garlands they managed to put together this piecework blanket right in front of my eyes without me even noticing! Friends who couldn’t make it to camp this year mailed in squares while others were knit and crocheted on friday before I arrived. Saturday morning the crocheters assembled everything. It’s beautiful, don’t you think? I’m told they didn’t even try to coordinate colors…

baby gifts1

Along with the blanket my not-yet-here baby has also received sweaters, booties, a hat. SO MANY wonderful things.

baby gifts3

This little top is especially precious. My awesome boss Marcie died last spring. She knit this top for a coworker’s new little girl the summer before. And this summer my coworker passed it along to me, with Marcie’s original note and one of her own saying that of course Marcie would want me to have it.

Stephanie herself said,

Knitting for impending humans feels like improving their chances. It feels like throwing a line out into the ether and towing them in. Preparing the path, paving the way, and making it clear to the fates that there are people looking out for this kid, and expecting them.

Thank you everyone. You’re all amazing.

6 responses to “Honored

  1. I’m crying too now!!
    The gifts you received are amazing. As are you.

  2. How wonderful! What a great group of friends and what an absolutely gorgeous set of knitwear for your little one!

  3. What a wonderful story. And your friends know that you’ll appreciate, love, and care for their gifts.
    I stopped making handmade items for babies because too many new moms specifically say they don’t want “homemade” or the babies/children are never (ever) seen in the item. Not even a courtesy look how cute photo. It’s sad that many new mothers look down on handmade items.

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