Ondulation kits

Remember Ondulation? I’m sure you do!

ondulation arm perspective

Kristi over at Shalimar Yarns is dying up some GORGEOUS kits for my pattern! If you wanted to knit Ondulation for yourself, but you’re uncertain of what colors go well together, check out her combinations. She’s got 5 kits from a bold, blue “Indigos” kit, to a neutral “Aspens in Winter” theme. All the kits are in her Homage base, which is a cushy merino, silk, and cashmere blend. Wouldn’t that be perfect to wrap up in this winter?

Each kit features a solid CC and a series of gradient mini-skeins for the MC stripes. If you know anything about Shalimar updates it’s that they sell out fast. But the good news is that these are custom dyed kits, so she’s not going to run out! I hope you like them!


3 responses to “Ondulation kits

  1. :-( No results showed in the link – are they yet-to-be-released or are they gone already?

  2. Rats! This is what happens when I miss a day of blog-catchup… (now I have PROOF to show my husband that yes, my daily blog reading is NECESSARY). ;-)

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