I’m really pleased to announce that I have another new pattern to show off! This one is the Three Second Kiss sweater in the Hitch inspired collection published through Cooperative Press.

three second kiss front view

As always you can favorite and queue it on Ravelry (and click through the rest of the collection! It’s all amazing work by some great designers!) The book will be available for pre-order (in both hard copy and PDF!) September 5th on CP’s website. Once the PDF is available you could purchase it through Ravelry as well.

Three Second Kiss is a bohus inspired pullover. I’m calling it “inspired” because I had been itching to try some knit and purl colorwork as is used in traditional bohus designs. but colorwork is tricky enough (both to design, and to knit) with two strands per row, so I limited myself to that. Traditional bohus sweaters from the mid 1900’s often used three or more colors per row as well as knit and purl stitches in their patterning!!

three second kiss back view

The sweater harkens back to the original bohus designs in the yarn choice as well. The Sunday Knits yarns include merino/angora (traditional) and merino/cashemere blends. I commented while knitting this that it’s a really ROUGH life when the harshest yarn in the sweater is the pure merino…

three second kiss hem

I do think the “inspired by Alfred Hitchcock” part of this book might be a BIT of a stretch in my case. While I appreciate the gorgeous styling and costuming of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies I can’t bring myself to watch one all the way through. I’m fine with blood, but scary suspense is the WORST for my brain. It’ll keep me up for days, and I value my sleep too much for that…

One response to “Hitch

  1. Beautiful sweater :-) nice necklace too!

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