My life, my mental state, and much of my house look like this right now

baby's room

With new and exciting changes just around the corner we’re in complete transition. My baby will be 37 weeks along on Tuesday, which is when we get to call her “full term” and she can put in an appearance any time she wants! I’m still hoping for a late baby, sometime after October 4th would be great. But we’re as ready as we can hope to be.

Well, sort of. We have everything we need. The cosleeper is set up in our bedroom, so it doesn’t bother me (too much) that the baby’s room is still full of boxes. The cloth diapers are clean, but except for the ones packed in the go-bag all the sizes are mixed together and still in a basket in the laundry room. The nursing pillow cover has been washed, it’s around here somewhere. I have a pump and bottles and a bottle warmer (all still in their packaging) just in case. But is anyone ever really prepared for nursing?

See what I mean? It’s all about transition right now. Neil has started his second year of classes. It was 39F when I woke up this morning. I have 75lbs of tomatoes waiting to be turned into sauce. These are all transitions of one sort or another.

What transitions are you facing this season?

3 responses to “Transitions

  1. I’d say you actually are pretty organized – and hopefully still feeling stellar, all things being equal. :)

    Lots of transitions here – but I think I’m gonna wait to say anything until I am at the “for sure” stage……

  2. We are almost to a lull in our season of transitions. We’re moved back, settling into our autumn routine, and so on. Although life has thrown us a number of big surprises this summer (such as a new job in a new city), they are all ultimately positive, despite the temporary challenges.
    I find, sadly, that I can’t knit during intense transitions. It’s like all my creative energy is taken up planning, organizing, arranging, and settling that it crowds out the desire to knit.
    You are going to be fine, though. The baby’s needs are so simple the first few weeks (milk – which you’ll make, diapers, which you’ll find as you need them, warmth). It will definitely be challenging, but rest assured that you have everything the baby needs already, and the internet and stores will still be working for any little helpful things =).
    It’s a special time for your family – I think of you often. Hopefully I’ll get to meet the little peanut the next time I visit my parents in Burlington.

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