YOU GUYS! I have such exciting news!!

new DSLR

I got a new fancy camera!! It was over a year ago that I started playing with my friend (and co-author) Calley’s DSLR camera. And it was awesome. And I quickly decided I needed one of my own. I accepted pretty quickly that I was going to get a Nikon, since that’s the interface I was learning. And I’ve been saving for the camera ever since. I got a Nikon 3200. If you’re looking at getting a camera of your own I recommend you look at the reviews on Ken Rockwell’s site.

I actually bought a 50mm lens that was compatible with both my friend’s camera and the current models for the book photography. That’s the best kind of lens for both food shots and knitting patterns. That’s the lens that give the gorgeous blurriness in shots like this one:

ondulation hand perspective

That kind of shot is much MUCH harder to get with my standard point and shoot. I’ve been doing ALL my design photography with a basic, Kodak Z915 for all this time. I even re-did some patterns shot with an even older camera with that little model.

So yeah. You can expect some much prettier design photos in the future! And also, much prettier blog photos. I mean, look at that one in the mirror. That was taken after sunset without a flash. Do you know what would happen if I tried that with the point and shoot? Blurry fuzziness would happen, that’s what. This camera is so, SO cool.


2 responses to “DSLR!

  1. Congratulations on your digital baby – you will love it when your baby baby arrives! I have a macro lens also. It makes the mundane look magical and the beautiful, even more beautiful. Have fun!

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