Sauce time!

It’s sauce season! Also known as the time when my favorite tomato farmer calls me up and says It Is Time to pick up my bulk tomatoes

sauce tomatoes

We got 75lbs this year.

What can I say? Neil and I like pasta with red sauce. It’s hands-down our favorite, quick, meal. And why not, when the home-made pasta sauce is so very VERY tasty?!

So the past weekend Neil helped me process half of them into 16 pints of deliciousness.

sauce ingredient prep

It’s a good thing he’s willing to help, because I’m not sure it’s a good idea for me to be on my feet in the kitchen all day right now. So Neil and I took turns manning the squeezo:

sauce squeezo

I’ve told you about my squeezo right? (answer: yes, right here) I still love it. I mean, it’s as old as I am, and it’s been doing yearly service all this time. I’m not going to suddenly stop loving it!

Also on the list of canning hand-me-downs I’ve gotten from my Mom is this giant kettle:

sauce canning

Although it turns out to only hold 14 pint jars (whoops.) But still, it is so large that one burner on my stove will not bring it up to a full boil, not only can it cover two burners, but I actually have to run them both on high to get the water hot enough!

So yeah, that’s the scattered recollections of last weekend. Next weekend will probably look very similar. I have another 35lbs of tomatoes upstairs…


One response to “Sauce time!

  1. I cheat a little on preparation and just throw them in the food processor, skin and all (bigger ones get cut into chunks and cores removed). Grind ’em up and cook ’em down. For quart jars we use the big canner (just like yours) and fire up a propane burner outside (pints can be done in a smaller pot on the stove). That really heats the water up and doesn’t heat up the kitchen.

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