Every year around this time I start my frost watch. Average first frost comes around the end of September in my part of the world. This year many parts of northern VT have had TWO frosts already. My garden has narrowly escaped the freezing temperatures by living far enough up the hill at almost 1000 feet in elevation (cold air sinks, you see.) But it’s only a matter of time…

frosty seeds

I’m not worried though, for better or worse I’ve got nothing to protect. My salad tomato plants survived the june rains, but never thrived enough to blossom. My beans and squashes did slightly better, but the plants are exhausted and ready to be done by now. This has been one of the saddest years ever in my garden. Sure I’ve had years where hurricanes knocked out a perfectly good corn harvest. Other years where blight knocked out a perfectly good tomato harvest. But this year? I don’t even have any harvest I can refer to as “perfectly good.” Ok, that’s not true. The garlic did amazing things, but that was MUCH earlier in the season. The rainy June half-drowned everything I planted, and then the cool summer didn’t give any sort of kick-start to those poor plants. I’ve frozen a few pints of broccoli and two of beans that I BOUGHT from my nearby farm. Sure I’ve got my precious tomato sauce – but I bought those too. And we’re looking at buying pretty much all our squash again this year. But I haven’t lost complete hope:

fall greens

I still have my rows of cold-hardy leafy greens which I planted in August. Fall salad season is about to start with red and green lettuce, bok choy, and swiss chard. It’ll be good to be harvesting again! These hardy little plants will hang on through a light frost easily. And if I have the energy this weekend I may even set up some cold frames. I need to AT LEAST get out there and pull the grass, look at it coming up from seed among those little rows…

3 responses to “Frost

  1. My garden was a big disappointment this year as well, though I had the exact opposite problems – – record high temperatures and no rain whatsoever. Hopefully next year will be better…

  2. I am NOT ready for frost. Sorry about your bad harvest this year. We had great cucumbers and the tomatoes did reasonably well but we didn’t eat tons out of the garden.

  3. The only thing I have that did really well this year was butternut squash . . . I can send you a boxful!

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