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Roasted Stuffed Squash

This isn’t exactly a recipe, more of a set of guidelines. But still, this is a perfect meal for late fall, early winter, or whatever the seasons are doing where you are*.


sliced tomatoes

So the idea here is that you mix up some flavors you like, then stuff them in the squash and roast it. What you’re aiming for is a protein (preferably something flavorful) a grain/starch, and some flavorings. My squash contained sausage, quinoa, apple, garlic, savory, thyme, salt and pepper.

Start by cooking the meat and the grains (or use leftovers, that’s always a good plain) I cooked the sausage and garlic together, then added the quinoa and water to that pan so it’d absorb the sausage flavors. Add the apple close to the end so it doesn’t disintegrate into applesauce (unless that’s what you want…)

While that’s cooking hollow out the squashes. I like delicata as they make great boats for holding the stuffing. They only need about 30-45 minutes in the oven which is also about perfect for roasting the stuffing.

stuffed squash

Once the stuffing is done scoop it into the boats. I laid the tomato on top so it’d roast prettily. Slide the whole pan into the oven and roast until your squashes are tender (like I alluded to above, the length will depend on the type of squash.)

stuffed squashes

Drizzle some maple syrup over the whole thing, add some butter, and enjoy!

*It may be the end of october, but we’ve got a high of about 38F today and it smells like snow. Which makes me feel like it must be just about thanksgiving time…

Magic wool

I’ve talked before about how magical wool is, how it keeps you warm even when it’s wet (for example). But now I have a new proof that wool is magic, and it revolves around baby’s bum.

I’m going to talk about wool diaper covers. They’re magic. I read about them before Windsor arrived and the whole principle sounded like magic. But since I know wool, and it is kinda magical, I figured I’d give these things a shot.

lanolin droplet

The idea is this: wool diaper covers go over cotton diapers. They keep the pee in, keep the onesie dry, and still don’t need to be washed nearly as often as the diapers. The wool is part of the magic, but extra lanolin added to the fabric is key to the water beading up like you see above. I’m lanolizing my diaper covers just exactly as described at Green Mountain Diaper.

lanolinize washing

So the wool has to be NON machine washable (have you seen my stash? That’s the easy part) It gets washed just like you’d wash any handknit. Then I leave it in the room temp water.


Meanwhile I melt a little lanolin in hot water, and add just a drop of dishsoap to emulsify the oils. This gets dumped into the sink and the wool soaks up the extra lanolin.

lanolinized cover

The result? Soft wool covers that keep the pee in. The diaper can be soaked, but the wool still feels dry to the touch. I can put it right back on the baby. They’re clean enough so long as I can sniff and it smells clean and woolly. Yup, welcome to motherhood, I’m checking peed on covers by holding them to my face… But it’s ok, because wool is still magical.


Life continues on at the slow pace that a newborn requires. I’m spending a lot of time on the couch. But I have also discovered that I CAN KNIT with a napping newborn in my lap. Good news.

tiny blue sweater

It’s slower knitting, just like the rest of life is slower. But that’s good.

Well, I’m trying to remind myself that it’s good. Some days I can’t imagine why I’d want to move any faster. But you all know me, I tend to keep busy… And sometimes the slower pace of these days feels confining.

But I’m adjusting, and learning, and overall very happy with my days.

Also, I have a new pattern that’ll be coming out soon, so that’s always exciting! This one has been in the works for months, been pushed back more than a few times, and so I’ll be really glad to set it free into the world. Not yet, but soon. You’ll all have to learn a little patience, just like me.

frost aster sneak

Diaper day

Some things that are new in my life

cloth diapers

Not the clothesline, just the contents.

Finished tomatoes

Remember the 75lbs of tomatoes I got earlier this summer? We did, in fact, get them all put up. It just took awhile. Neil and I made the final batch of sauce over two weeks ago. But I was low on energy and time (being almost due at that point) so the gallon of sauce went into two big jars in the fridge and sat for two weeks.

pasta sauce

Finally this weekend we passed Windsor back and forth and managed to get the sauce re-heated, into jars, and canned. Now we have 24 pints of pasta sauce and another batch of ketchup.

Oh yeah, and I picked up 10lbs of cauliflower at the farmstand last weekend. Apparently I believe I’ll have time to freeze it all…


Windsor Kathryn was born on October 6th.

Windsor1 Windsor and Neil

6lbs 3oz and perfect in every way.

Windsor Kathryn

Everybody who sees her agrees on that last part.

going home

knit camp blanket

Sheep! And wool!

angora goats make mohair

Neil and I headed to the VT Sheep & Wool fest last weekend. The weather could not have been more gorgeous. Although, maybe it could have been a few degrees cooler. There weren’t a lot of sweaters…

tunbridge fairgrounds

Tunbridge is a gorgeous little fairgrounds. Little is the key word here. In spite of being almost exactly 40 weeks pregnant I was able to walk the whole fairgrounds. Granted we took plenty of sitting breaks. I joked that I was eating and peeing my way through the festival. I’m so classy, see what you’re missing by not being around me all the time? There were maple creemees (soft serve, to those of you not in Vermont) and maple shakes while watching the sheep dogs.

sheepdog demo

I met lots of friends (reinforcing Neil’s opinion that I must be knitting-famous) and chatted with many of my favorite vendors (the lines here are blurry) but I took NO pictures of people. Oops. I got some yarn (shocker!) and some new project bags, and no fiber. The fiber stash I have already makes me sad that I don’t spin more. But trust me, I oogled plenty of fiber anyway!

cashmere goats

back to summer

Lovely foliage shots last weekend, right? So hopefully you’ll really appreciate how much I was worried about this book photo shoot. See, this is July’s design… Yes, I’m running a bit behind schedule, let’s just blame that on the baby.


Anyway, we managed to find a good location in Montpelier. There was no foliage in the background, and the weather cooperated so the model wasn’t freezing cold. Calley rustled up some sweet little summery blooms, and even the lighting cooperated.

summery blooms

With that I’m finally ready to say goodbye to summer. Not that I have much choice at this point!

In unrelated news Hitch is officially released! This collection from Cooperative Press is all about patterns inspired by the Hitchcock films, including my 3 Second Kiss sweater. The blog tour has just started, including behind-the-scenes peaks and chances to win free copies. Here’s the schedule:

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