Sheep! And wool!

angora goats make mohair

Neil and I headed to the VT Sheep & Wool fest last weekend. The weather could not have been more gorgeous. Although, maybe it could have been a few degrees cooler. There weren’t a lot of sweaters…

tunbridge fairgrounds

Tunbridge is a gorgeous little fairgrounds. Little is the key word here. In spite of being almost exactly 40 weeks pregnant I was able to walk the whole fairgrounds. Granted we took plenty of sitting breaks. I joked that I was eating and peeing my way through the festival. I’m so classy, see what you’re missing by not being around me all the time? There were maple creemees (soft serve, to those of you not in Vermont) and maple shakes while watching the sheep dogs.

sheepdog demo

I met lots of friends (reinforcing Neil’s opinion that I must be knitting-famous) and chatted with many of my favorite vendors (the lines here are blurry) but I took NO pictures of people. Oops. I got some yarn (shocker!) and some new project bags, and no fiber. The fiber stash I have already makes me sad that I don’t spin more. But trust me, I oogled plenty of fiber anyway!

cashmere goats

4 responses to “Sheep! And wool!

  1. I thought I saw you. It was gorgeous!!! Can’t remember a better year weather wise.

  2. I just keep looking for a baby photo! Isn’t that little thing here yet?! :)

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