Finished tomatoes

Remember the 75lbs of tomatoes I got earlier this summer? We did, in fact, get them all put up. It just took awhile. Neil and I made the final batch of sauce over two weeks ago. But I was low on energy and time (being almost due at that point) so the gallon of sauce went into two big jars in the fridge and sat for two weeks.

pasta sauce

Finally this weekend we passed Windsor back and forth and managed to get the sauce re-heated, into jars, and canned. Now we have 24 pints of pasta sauce and another batch of ketchup.

Oh yeah, and I picked up 10lbs of cauliflower at the farmstand last weekend. Apparently I believe I’ll have time to freeze it all…

6 responses to “Finished tomatoes

  1. Hehehe… You remind me of when I had 4 very small children,2 elderly relatives living with me,and…ahem….all the time in the world! How I did it all is still a mystery to me today ! :.))

  2. We’re in the middle of apples- canning applesauce and apple pie filling! My kitchen stays crazy, along with the rest of my life!

  3. My tomatoes disappointed me this year – I only had enough for a small batch of salsa and some pretty good sandwiches. (Apples, though… we were overrun!) Also, I’m really impressed that you were canning anything a week after having a baby :)

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