Life continues on at the slow pace that a newborn requires. I’m spending a lot of time on the couch. But I have also discovered that I CAN KNIT with a napping newborn in my lap. Good news.

tiny blue sweater

It’s slower knitting, just like the rest of life is slower. But that’s good.

Well, I’m trying to remind myself that it’s good. Some days I can’t imagine why I’d want to move any faster. But you all know me, I tend to keep busy… And sometimes the slower pace of these days feels confining.

But I’m adjusting, and learning, and overall very happy with my days.

Also, I have a new pattern that’ll be coming out soon, so that’s always exciting! This one has been in the works for months, been pushed back more than a few times, and so I’ll be really glad to set it free into the world. Not yet, but soon. You’ll all have to learn a little patience, just like me.

frost aster sneak


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