Roasted Stuffed Squash

This isn’t exactly a recipe, more of a set of guidelines. But still, this is a perfect meal for late fall, early winter, or whatever the seasons are doing where you are*.


sliced tomatoes

So the idea here is that you mix up some flavors you like, then stuff them in the squash and roast it. What you’re aiming for is a protein (preferably something flavorful) a grain/starch, and some flavorings. My squash contained sausage, quinoa, apple, garlic, savory, thyme, salt and pepper.

Start by cooking the meat and the grains (or use leftovers, that’s always a good plain) I cooked the sausage and garlic together, then added the quinoa and water to that pan so it’d absorb the sausage flavors. Add the apple close to the end so it doesn’t disintegrate into applesauce (unless that’s what you want…)

While that’s cooking hollow out the squashes. I like delicata as they make great boats for holding the stuffing. They only need about 30-45 minutes in the oven which is also about perfect for roasting the stuffing.

stuffed squash

Once the stuffing is done scoop it into the boats. I laid the tomato on top so it’d roast prettily. Slide the whole pan into the oven and roast until your squashes are tender (like I alluded to above, the length will depend on the type of squash.)

stuffed squashes

Drizzle some maple syrup over the whole thing, add some butter, and enjoy!

*It may be the end of october, but we’ve got a high of about 38F today and it smells like snow. Which makes me feel like it must be just about thanksgiving time…


One response to “Roasted Stuffed Squash

  1. Just did this last week (sausage/quinoa in delicata “boats”) but didn’t think of the maple syrup drizzle. Brilliant!

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