One month

No one warned me (or I didn’t listen) but babies are mostly sleepy in the first two weeks. It’s the few weeks after that where things get tricky (and sleep-deprived). But now that I’m in the thick of it everyone says wait until 6 or 8 weeks. Things get better again.

one month yawn

In the mean time. I’m just glad we’ve made it to one month! Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go nap on the couch. Or at least try.

one month fiber baby

4 responses to “One month

  1. She is just beautiful! Take lots of naps. Forget about the house in this periode. :.)

  2. What a sweetie! My mother told me the same thing about my first one, I think so that I wouldn’t throw the baby out the window and take off screaming. But she was right. By the time he was six or eight weeks old, I could get four straight hours if I topped him off at 11 PM or so.

    The second one was against sleep on general principle. Every family gets one of those.

  3. Hahahahahaha, that’s funny. My babies were *never* “mostly sleepy.” I wish they had been! Good luck with it. She is really beautiful. Soon she’ll be smiling at you!

  4. She looks very fetching posed amongst all the woolies! Here’s to lots of sleep for all of you in the next few weeks :)

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