Christmas tree time

Neil and I have been going to the Llama farm to buy our christmas tree for years. This year was Windsor’s first trip though! We saw the llamas,


picked a good tree,


laughed at some bad ones!

sad tree

And we had the kid running the tree wrapper take our first family photo.

family portrait

How have we gotten to two months without a picture of the three of us together? Who knows…


4 responses to “Christmas tree time

  1. Well I have a picture of the three of you together on Day 1. But this is so cute!!

  2. It’s a good first family photo :) I wish we got our tree at a llama farm! That just sounds exciting. (But we actually get a live tree this year, so I guess that’s excitement enough for me!)

  3. I suspect you might have been busy doing other things? Keeping the wee one fed, clothed, clean? (Hopefully you taking naps, but I’m guessing not.) :) Looks like a very fun day – SUCH a cutie.

  4. Oh, she’s the cutest thing! As for the lack of pictures, I blame sleep deprivation — those first few months are a haze.

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