The tree is up

christmas tree

and decorated

midnight candle ornament

apple ornament glass bulb

Next year: fewer glass ornaments…


One response to “Decorated

  1. So true about the ornaments! They’re so fragile. I remember one Christmas when I was little and it was just me and my mom, and we had no money and no Christmas ornaments but she wanted Christmas to be special, so she let me pick out some ornaments from the 25-cent bin and I was so proud! I even got to put them on our little tree (because they were plastic, not glass, so she didn’t worry about my two-year-old fingers dropping them, haha). We still have some of them – plastic balls decorated with Scooby-do, Flintstones, and Disney character Christmas scenes (like these: Putting those cheap little plastic ornaments on the tree has become part of our Christmas tradition and it always makes me think of that Christmas with my mom! :-) Windsor is a blessed little girl to already be enjoying family traditions on her very first Christmas!

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