Christmas present

So I bought an extra copy of Free Range Knitter by the Yarn Harlot. I didn’t mean to get an extra. I bought it because I needed to round up an Amazon order to get free shipping. I thought “gee, I only own two of her books” and added one randomly to my cart.

free range dup

Yup, I managed to buy a second copy of one of the books I already owned. But I didn’t read it right away. I left it on the table by the stove, it got dripped on by something that was hung up to dry…

Anyway I just realized recently that I have this duplicate. SO! My loss, your gain, etc… Leave a comment on this post sometime between now and December 28th (ending at midnight EST) and I’ll ship you a copy. Books are heavy, so I’m going to limit this to US addresses only (sorry).

You can have either the one that’s dripped on, or the one the cat chewed up. My house is apparently dangerous for books…


13 responses to “Christmas present

  1. Am I first, really?
    I figure any house that is “dangerous” to books is the home of a book lover. Half of my books have pages close to falling out and all the paper backs have curled edges. I love my books to *death* apparently. I haven’t read this particular book by Stephanie so i would love to, and then pass it on to another knitter when I am finished.

  2. Amazingly, I read her blog regularly and have never read any of her books. As a kid, I used to like my mom’s so-old-they’re-taped-together books because I thought they made me look fancy. Now, I just like them because they’re so well-loved!

  3. My mom LOVES Yarn Harlot. . . I could regift it to her :)

  4. Everything in my house is either dripped on or chewed. My dogs ate the package of Tate’s gluten free cookies today. Seems the cat rolled the package off the table and the dogs took over from there. The cat doesn’t “do” gluten free.

  5. i would love to read this book, whether it’s the cat chewed or cooking stained copy! Thank you for the opportunity.

  6. The Yarn Halot is so smart and funny! I have her Knitting Rules and love the description of her stash. Hmmm, in a household that involves a very small person, I think the cat chewed version might be safer than the one with unknown drips :).

  7. I already have that one (my opera director from grad school found it at a used-book shop and bought it for me!) so I’ll exempt myself from the drawing… I just wanted to say I laughed so hard about “the one the cat chewed up” – I have several books like that myself :)

  8. I have one of her other books, but not that one! I’d love the one that got dripped on — and I’ve found that kids are more dangerous to books than either cats or kitchens . . .

  9. Thanks for the chance to win a book – I don’t have any of hers. I found your blog by following a link from your free scarf pattern (snippet). I love the way the ends are left to form the fringe – gotta love it when you can leave off weaving in ends!!

    I think it’s great you’re giving away an extra book – isn’t it funny how they kind of con us into buying more to get free shipping? I do it, too!

  10. I have never read any of her books, but I have always wanted to. I am a book lover, and my books show it. Thanks for the chance.

  11. That’s very generous of you!

  12. I’d love to read it! Plenty of my books are also like this, dripped on from being around the kitchen or chewed by kitties… Thanks for the opportunity, and happy holidays!

  13. I am currently reading her Knitting Rules! book (from the library). Love the Yarn Harlots “don’t take yourself too seriously” attitude. Thanks for the opportunity, and happy holidays!

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