I don’t even know how to begin summarizing 2013. But I can tell you that for the last week I’ve been feeling very bitter about the start of 2014. I’m sure it’s connected to the end of my maternity leave.

I’m not cranky about going back to work, that part is fine. It’s leaving Windsor that has me so upset. We have scored a spot in an awesome daycare, so that’s not the problem either.

I’m sure everything will be fine in the end. In fact, I bet everything is fine in just a few weeks. I’m just not there yet. So I’m trying to be gentle with myself and trying to remember to be gentle with those around me.

I hope you can also find the time and patience to be gentle with yourselves as we enter this new year. Relax and enjoy your knitting!

5 responses to “2014

  1. ~It’s a tough one leaving you little one for the first time. You will adapt and so will he. My daughter in law is off back to work later this month and her twins will be in day care. I sympathise with you. Yes be gentle on yourself. Us mothers have enough to potentially feel guilty about without creating more things! Enjoy him.

  2. The most heart breaking thing I’ve ever had to do was leave my little ones to go back to work. You have my sympathies. It will be fine.

  3. Hang in there – it’s a really tough transition. SHE will likely bounce thru it quicker than you. Just, as you say…cut yourself some slack!

  4. and give that cutie pie lots of hugs!

  5. Yes, let’s be gentle with ourselves the beginning of this year. I feel a little frazzled and I’m determined not to let it color everything. Here’s to the greatness in 2014!

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