I’ve had my old purse for years and years. It was just the right size for a small notebook (5×7) my phone, wallet, etc… I always carried a knitting bag as well. When I headed to work I’d bring my lunch in one of these bags and I was all set.

Then I had a baby. And I went back to work.

lots of bags

Suddenly I’m juggling a purse, a knitting bag, a pumping bag, a lunch bag, a diaper bag, and a baby clothes etc bag. Whoops, that’s a lot of bags. Clearly I needed something bigger to control this craziness. I wanted a purse that’d hold ALL my stuff. I wanted lots of small pockets to keep the purse-bits from sinking to the bottom and I wanted a big interior to hold STUFF. I wanted a shoulder strap that’d let me carry this across my body so it won’t slip off my shoulder while juggling the baby’s stuff.


This is Nameste’s Harlow bag. I figured a knitting bag would have all the small pockets I needed. Nameste makes high quality bags that I expect will last years and years, just like my old purse did.

three bags full

It holds my lunch, knitting, and pump parts easily. Believe it or not, this is only their second biggest bag… I have my little things in the outside pockets

outside pockets

And my ID, pen, etc, in the inside pockets. There are even more pockets I’m not showing. It’s wonderful! It’s huge, still classy, and just right for my new life.

inside pockets

(You should know I bought this bag myself. Nameste did not ask me to review it. In fact they don’t even know I’m doing this. So there.)

new purse

5 responses to “Harlow

  1. What a lovely bag! And you’d never guess how much you’ve got in it. Nice :)

  2. love it! and thanks for the full scale shot. always nice to see how it looks IRL.

  3. Funny – I’ve just bought exactly the same bag for the upgrade from one kid to two!

  4. I do love their bags – smartly designed and who doesn’t love pockets?

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