What next

I am THIS close to being done with the knitting for my book (bookbookbookbookbook) And if you think regular startitis is bad you feel the case I’m developing. Maybe you can? I bet it’s super-contagious.

I’m planning on casting on for my top one or two favorite items from every major publication that’s been released in the last year. Plus a few indie designs. That’s not excessive, right?

Ok, in all seriousness I just don’t have a lot of knitting time anymore. Who knew that I’d miss spending 2 hours on the bus every day (I knew it, yes I did). I think it may be necessary to sort my dreams from my plans…

My plans:
I have another diaper cover on the needles – I suspect you’ll get bored of hearing about these if you haven’t already.
I have Yesternight printed and the yarn wound and ready. Casting on for that is the reward I’m saving for when I finish the LAST book design.
I have yarn chosen for another set of Pinales. Neil lost his brown ones and is very sad.
I have several 1/2 to 2/4 finished sets of socks lurking in my craft room. I think I’d like to finish some of them.

That sounds more like a case of finishitis, a much more rare disease… We’ll see how long these plans last before I start casting on for Roseberry, Whirligig, Kira’s vest, or My Honey those are just the patterns I already have yarn chosen for. I mean I have 1958 other patterns favorited on Ravelry and they’re all calling my name! (it’s kinda loud over here)

((I also have an itch to knit Neil a sweater- something with colorwork, because he owns TWO of those which are store bought!))

One response to “What next

  1. SO CLOSE! Woot! Let all those fun project be the carrot – you deserve a little “you” knitting for a while! :)

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