Introducing Quinnifer! Available to favorite and queue on Ravelry (as always)

quinnifer side

This is the first of my designs for the littlest member of my family. Well, I actually designed it for my cousin’s daughter. But I loved the little pattern so much I decided Windsor needed one of her own.


This hat is designed in sizes that cover newborns all the way up to adults. Children can have surprisingly large heads (while some adults have surprisingly small heads) so I’m grading for a wide range here: Head circ: 13.25 (16, 17.25, 18.75, 20, 22.75)”/33.5 (40.5, 44, 47.5, 51, 58) cm

quinnifer preview

Thanks to Ravelry you can buy the PDF here or there for just $5. You don’t have to be a Ravelry member, or have a paypal account, the button above will work for everyone!

This hat is designed to be worn slouchy, which also leaves room to grow because children grow so quickly! Less slouch is built into the newborn and 3 month sizes so it should not fall into their eyes. The hat depth is measured from the brim to the slouchy decreases. If you want a shorter hat take length out below that point. Depth: 5 (6.75, 7.5, 8.25, 8, 8.5)”/12.5 (17, 19, 21, 20.5,
21.5) cm

quinnifer pattern

Windsor has been exposed to wool from an early age, but this hat uses Knitpicks City Tweed DK. It’s a blend of merino and alpaca which is soft enough for even the most sensitive heads!

quinnifer direct


5 responses to “Quinnifer

  1. The hat is lovely and so is Windsor! She looks so relaxed and contemplative :)

  2. Adorable! That hat’s pretty awesome too. :)

  3. So cute — hat and baby too! from an adult with a very large head.

  4. Windsor is such a beautiful baby and looks absolutely precious in her adorable hat. Nicely done!

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