so. cold.

That polar vortex? We only got the edge of it. But that was just one of several cold spells this winter. How cold is it?

Perfectly good cars (gas cars newer than my ’98 diesel) didn’t start

Boiling water freezes into snow when you toss it into the air (no kidding, my favorite weather guys put up a photo)

We stoked the stove in the morning, the sun shone all day long, and the oil backup heat still had to kick in before I got home from work

Cold enough to freeze soap bubbles (I have got to try this one)

Frost forms on the inside door hinges

Frost forms on your eyelashes while walking the dogs

Frost forms on the inside panes of the window

At least frost is pretty


For the record it was -22F Tuesday night. Wednesday we had a high of -6F on Wednesday. That’s right. A high temp below zero in full sun. It is a cold, lying sun this time of year.


6 responses to “so. cold.

  1. I feel your pain. I had to look up farenheit and it is -29 here today with a -36 low expected tonight. Even for this part of the world – that is darn frosty! With the sun shining today though, everything looks wreathed in diamonds and crystals, very pretty :)

  2. Brrrrrrr!! I can only imagine what the kind of temperature must feel like. Amazing pics though.

  3. It’s been chilly here too! Our base temps haven’t been *quite* that bad – mostly – but we’ve had serious windchill, down to -35 last week, and more like that predicted for this coming week. They keep cancelling school because the weather is too cold for kids to stand out waiting for the bus!

    (Your frost pictures are gorgeous!)

  4. Love your frost photos, so so pretty, more please! :)

    • Ha! We only get frost on the windows when we’re loosing heat, so I hope I don’t get too many chances for more. And half the time it’s really not this pretty. But I do think this is where the knitting pattern “frost flowers and leaves” came from!

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