more deodorant

It’s that time again! I’ve run out of deodorant, which means I’m making more. Long time readers might remember, oh yeah, she uses that funny home made deodorant.

It’s true. But it works! Antiperspirants never worked for me, so it doesn’t bother me that this is just a deodorant. And it works so very well. The secret? No surprise, it’s baking soda. The kitchen’s best odor remover now appearing in an armpit near you!

DO ingredients

I also have the world’s best moisturized armpits, because the baking soda is carried in a nice blend of cocoa and shea butters. Yum.

I follow Angry Chicken’s recipe. Baking soda, cornstarch, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, and some essential oils. Melt everything in the microwave, stir in the oils, and let it set. The whole process takes about 4 minutes. Angry Chicken warns about the ingredients going bad – I’ve had mine for several years now and nothing has gone rancid yet. But it can still be lots of fun to have a deodorant party, if you have friends who also might think it’s cool…

DO finished

One response to “more deodorant

  1. “Not a dirty hippy” parties! I’m glad you still love and adore that recipe so much. My current hippy kick is making all of my own cleaning products.

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