So cold redux

This morning was just too cold. My poor old car finally decided not to start*. I don’t know why, it’s started in colder weather earlier this winter.

But apparently this did not make it too cold for me to go stand outside IN A VEST and take photos of my newest hat**.


Which also provided me a chance to take photos of the frost that forms on individual hairs when your breath freezes to them.

*oversimplification. It started, go 4 minutes up the road, then died. Stupid diesel tricks. Don’t worry, we’re all home now…

**I’m done with book knitting, which means I’m knitting new things! But I still have lots of book computer work to do. Which means I’m just photographing and saving my notes. Someday I’ll have time to write and format patterns…


One response to “So cold redux

  1. Becky, I ambled into your blog from my VT Knit camp friend group on Rav. (also avoiding working on tax prep this morning while I enjoy some unbelievably good hardened goat cheese I found:-)

    Anyway, a few thoughts:
    1) I loved winter knit camp, enjoyed seeing Amy, and hearing a little news of you, but not the same as seeing you in person!
    2) Windsor is ADORABLE, and good enough to eat in her little fair isle hat!
    3) Score at getting a spot in the good day care place. It doesn’t put you home with her, but it is an immeasurable relief.
    4) My daffodils are up about an inch or more, even though they got seriously covered again this week.

    I hope to see you this summer. Best, Ruth

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