Two headed monster vest!

Did you know this is a thing?? It’s a vest to wear over myself and Windsor when we go on hikes!


I’ve been wearing her in a moby and/or woven wrap a lot. (For those of you not keeping up with the baby trends – these are all various lengths of cloth that I can use to tie her to myself)

But there’s always this gap exposing my neck and hers. And it can be tricky to zip us both inside a coat. So this vest solves those problems! Extra fabric in the front, two collars, extra zippers, and when it’s really cold I wear a coat over this as well.


Windsor seems to like it too!

5 responses to “Two headed monster vest!

  1. Those cheeks! So cute! Ingenious idea for the vest, too. :)

  2. the vest is brilliant! enjoy in good health, happiness, and hopefully warmer weather.

  3. That’s brilliant! (And I recognise the sweater :D )

  4. Oh, my gosh. So clever. Can we expect a knitted design for such a thing in the future? ;-)

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