Bootie time!

Windsor needed some new booties. I had some extra felted fabric lying around (old sweater, diaper cover that went through the wash by accident) I figured I should be able to make these things work out.


I measured her little feeties and I figured the sole and cuff shapes would be easy. The foot bit seemed a little more tricky, but I had lots of sweater, so I figured I could take a few tries and still have it work out. I cut the sole and the foot from the sweater, the cuff and tongue of the boot from the diaper cover. Luckily for me, they came together just perfectly.


And they fit too!



2 responses to “Bootie time!

  1. adorable. but will they stay on her feet??

  2. Ahhh, so cute! And so warm, too, it looks like!

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