more sewing

Baby things are fun to sew, they’re so little and quick! I found some tutorials on the internet for sewing baby pants, and decided that would be my next task. I haven’t been very satisfied with the commercially made baby pants. They’re either roomy fleece or super structured mini-adult pants. They’re all adorable, but why does my infant need pockets anyway? She doesn’t have the pincer movement to pick up anything to put in them…

baby pants 1

So I started with the fleece pants and cut out a template with a quarter inch along the side seam and a half inch (ish) at the top.

baby pants 2

Next use the template to cut some sweater sleeves to match. Using the sleeves means I just have to sew a crotch seam and a waistband! The internet is full of brilliant ideas.

I tried sewing the elastic into the waistband three different ways before I settled on this one. I didn’t want elastic all the way around, just across the back. So I cut a strip the correct length and stitched the edges along the side seams – do this first!

baby pants 3
(easier to visualize on the corduroy pants)

Then fold the waistband hem down and stitch underneath the elastic being careful not to catch it. Voila, elastic waist in the back only but still nice and stretchy.

baby pants 4

They fit her with a little room still to grow – exactly as I’d hoped! On these I can fold the cuffs down when she gets longer too:

baby pants 5
and yes, I have lots more gray sweater still to play with!

Oh yeah, and the corduroys:

baby pants 6

So adorable!


5 responses to “more sewing

  1. They’re both gorgeous! Unfortunately when my boys were that small I didn’t have any knits to cut down for trousers; only thing I had was a cardigan that I made into a zipped jacket for them. I felt good about recycling it though.

  2. Very cute, I’ve been meaning to try making trousers myself for my tall skinny 4 year old… I have trouble finding things that stay up on her!

    • I say give it a shot! I suspect making pants that fit gets trickier the more babies/kids move around. But since they care less about slightly baggy bottoms than grownups do their pants are much easier to make!

  3. What a cutie! That’s a great way to repurpose stuff too – kudos to you for figuring out the details!

  4. So cute! I have some recycled sweater pants for my little one. We call them swants.

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