Meet Chief

Our old rooster, Thomas, went to the big barnyard in the sky about a week ago. The old guy was, well, old. He was only about 3, but in meat-bird years that’s got to be at least 9…

Luckily our friend has a few extra roosters, and was happy to find a new flock for the one that was getting picked on.


Under-roosters tend to be good guys. They’re generally happy to have found a new flock of their own, and they know what their other options were like.

Chief integrated into our flock like he’d always lived here. I put him down in the coop and he started to woo the ladies with his dancing and skill in finding food. I went to check on them all an hour later and he was standing, surrounded by hens, like he owned the place. Which, as the only rooter he pretty much does!


5 responses to “Meet Chief

  1. My favorite bits of this post include “big barnyard in the sky” and “to woo the ladies with his dancing and skill in finding food.” Good giggles.

    Our main roo, Elvis, is maybe 4 or 5? He’s a wyandotte and he’s starting to go a bit crazy in the head. He’s no longer hanging with the hens much and he seems to be a bit senile. We kept a roo from the chicks born last spring and ordered baby chicks that were delivered at the beginning of the month. We’re not sure how long Elvis is going to be around. Crazy bird.

    • My parents had a senile old rooster when I was a kid, so it certainly can happen! I hope your new rooster trains up nicely. We haven’t had any chicks since the year the wildlife took all my nesting hens…

  2. What a gorgeous boy too! Glad to hear he’s settled in so quickly.

  3. Sounds it was Chief’s lucky day to find you. He is quite handsome.

    • Well the farm he came from is a pretty nice place. I mean, they go through the effort to keep picked on roos separate and healthy. But still, a roo would rather have a flock of his own!

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