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just dandy

It’s dandelion season! Lots of people will tell you you can eat dandelions.


But how many people give you recipes?

dandys fried

Well, not yet, this one is still in testing. But it’s just one example of the recipes we’ll be including in our cooking and knitting book. Are you excited yet?


Last fall we learned our back yard was about 4 feet shorter than we thought. See, when we bought this house one of the four corners of the lot had never been fully surveyed. Our neighbors had their land surveyed last fall. Et voila, the back yard is actually smaller than we all had thought.


So this weekend I cut a nice, straight garden bed through the lawn. Who needs more lawn anyway? The trough will hold the gladiola-of-doom collection and we’re putting a straw bale garden bed in, in front of them.

straw bale

We need a low-maintenance garden this year what with all the other house projects going on. The bales will kill the grass, and next year they’ll compost a wide back garden bed. Now we just need a few shrubs and some perennials, all transplanted from elsewhere in the yard, and soon our back yard will be gorgeous. And also all on our property (details.) Where was Windsor during this spring-fever day?


She was with her favorite person.

Not how they usually look

The pencil by the egg tray was meant for dating the eggs as we collected them. We get a lot of eggs this time of year, and it can help to know which ones are oldest.

egg crew

But Neil got bored, and this happened.


And my breakfasts have taken on a slightly murderous feel…



I went down to the New Hampshire sheep and wool festival last weekend – but I had a serious case of camnesia. I didn’t just forget to take pictures, I even forgot to bring my camera.

But that doesn’t change the fact that it was a wonderful day. The weather was gorgeous, the food was delicious, the fiber squishy and the yarn was gorgeous.

honeybuns spunky fiber

Windsor was an amazing little traveler. She handled the car ride like a champ and she smiled at all the people. She even napped in her wrap for a little while.

Oh and she got a llama

llama girl

What kind of llama did you think I meant?

I’m gonna be knitting these things forever

I may be knitting diaper covers forever, but at least I can make them look cute!

embroidered cover

The adorable wearer helps

embroidered cover 2

Stitch by stitch

Knitting is, and always has been, done stitch by stitch. This teaches us patience and helps us see how many little actions can grow into a much greater good.

But that virtue may be lost on those of us who get speedy. I got a little cocky knitting 12 sweaters in 2012 (plus other projects.) I moved on from that to knitting an entire book, right?

Then life changes, my knitting time decreased, and again I find myself learning the benefits of even just a few stolen stitches in the cracks between time.

herringbone stretch

A few stitches here, an extra round there, and eventually I finished a pair of socks!

herringbone heel

It helps that I picked up halfway through the second sock… I knit the first 1.5 in two days during a conference. I knit the last half over the course of two months, mostly during pumping breaks at work.

herringbone toes

Now that they’re done I have them squirreled away. These will be Neil’s first father’s day present. (luckily he doesn’t read this)

a little sunshine

It’s been an awfully gray spring so far. But I have knit a little something sunshine-y:


For my little ray of sunshine (d’awww… Ok, I’ll stop)

This adorably cute sweater is Entrechat by Lisa Chemery. It’s a very quick knit with clever, seamless construction. I knit this in two weeks, and I have almost no knitting time anymore! The shoulders are knit first, then stitches are picked up for the front which makes the whole sleeves/button placket thing work beautifully. It’s a good sweater for that one pretty button, too:

sunshine trim

The whole thing took less than one skein of Knitpicks Swish, which is good because I was using up a partial skein leftover from something else. That was the inspiration for the contrasting bind off (I thought I was going to run out of yarn) and then I added little picot tips to the bind off because picots make everything cuter! Note that I still have leftover yarn and could totally have worked the whole thing in one color if I wanted to…

sunshine back