Stitch by stitch

Knitting is, and always has been, done stitch by stitch. This teaches us patience and helps us see how many little actions can grow into a much greater good.

But that virtue may be lost on those of us who get speedy. I got a little cocky knitting 12 sweaters in 2012 (plus other projects.) I moved on from that to knitting an entire book, right?

Then life changes, my knitting time decreased, and again I find myself learning the benefits of even just a few stolen stitches in the cracks between time.

herringbone stretch

A few stitches here, an extra round there, and eventually I finished a pair of socks!

herringbone heel

It helps that I picked up halfway through the second sock… I knit the first 1.5 in two days during a conference. I knit the last half over the course of two months, mostly during pumping breaks at work.

herringbone toes

Now that they’re done I have them squirreled away. These will be Neil’s first father’s day present. (luckily he doesn’t read this)

One response to “Stitch by stitch

  1. Very appropriate . . .

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