Monthly Archives: June 2014


Here’s so photographic proof that I have something in my garden besides garlic!

bok choy

And someone who is 8 months old!


No proof has yet been found of knitting. I had a friend over and we did lots of talking but no knitting. I rode in the car for 6 hours and didn’t knit. It occurs to me that I might need a more engaging project…


It’s Monday and I can honestly say I’m unsure when the last time I knit occurred… So let’s have a random life update, list style:

We’re doing some major home improvements this summer: siding and the roof. It’ll look great when it’s done but organizing the project is taking up all my “free” time.

Windsor is so close to crawling. Did you know babies have a stage where they try but just slide backward instead of moving forward? It’s cute but it makes her so angry.

I finally got something besides garlic planted in my garden. Two kinds of beans, book choy, and lettuce.

I’m considering turning over a third of my garden to sunflowers. I simply have no time to weed.

Believe it or not, I miss weeding.