Here’s so photographic proof that I have something in my garden besides garlic!

bok choy

And someone who is 8 months old!


No proof has yet been found of knitting. I had a friend over and we did lots of talking but no knitting. I rode in the car for 6 hours and didn’t knit. It occurs to me that I might need a more engaging project…


6 responses to “Proof

  1. Our garden is finally coming along too. Slow start on the Eastboard.
    Windsor is so cute! What a doll! How wonderful for the family to have this little cherub in your life !
    Knitting will pick up again as soon as the chores get done. One day you’ll have that “itch” and yarn and needles will once again be in your hands!
    Happy Summer to you all!

  2. Oh, she is adorable!

    You’ll feel the irresistible urge to knit again soon enough – sounds like with Windsor, work, and “chores” maybe your mind/body just felt like a period of rest. :-)

  3. Windsor has the best eyelashes! Oh my, she’s such a sweet baby.

    My garden is still mostly rocks and sand…

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