The second of my little hat collection is ready for you today! Sunhigh is available to favorite, queue, and download on Ravelry.

noon hero

The PDF so you can knit your own is just $5.

The eBook, Hats All Day, is $9 – and will contain all three hats from this collection. The PDF will be updated again next week when the third hat comes out.

This hat was designed a bit on the fly. I made it back in July while 110% of my brain power was directed toward finishing the book. Whic means that my note taking was abysmal. My tech editor, Margot, deserves extra credit for sticking with this one and not just telling me to come back once I had my act together.

noon head on

But I hope you’ll agree the results are worth it! A blossoming cable travels up the side of this hat. And the scrunchy crown is made simply by eliminating the even rows between the decrease rows in a standard hat crown.

A final note, the yarn I chose (out of my stash) for this hat is a discontinued merino/cashmere blend. I’m recommending knitpicks Capra as a substitute. The main features of this yarn are:
DK weight
made up of many smaller plies
excellent stitch definition
extremely soft

So if you’re subbing in something else look for good stitch definition in a multi-plied yarn. And as always, check your gauge.

noon crown


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