More moon!

Turns out moon photography is hard (right? there I go stating the obvious again) I think last night’s photos would have been better with the kit lens that came with my camera, because a little zoom might have helped. Instead I used the 50mm lens because I thought I needed to let a lot of light in – because night is dark. Makes sense, except that the moon wasn’t dark last night, and it was just a white disc in all the pictures.

Since the harvest moon is (by definition) at the horizon right at sunset, and sunrise, I had another chance this morning:

almost full

The added sunlight filling the predawn sky actually balanced the moon pretty well.

harvest moon predawn

These still aren’t perfect, I could have had a better plan, or spent more time composing them. But for photos taken jumping out of the car during my commute to work they came out pretty well!

harvest moon at dawn

One response to “More moon!

  1. Beautiful. I like the last one best.

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