Jovia FO

I finished up my jovia shawl; finishing a little crescent shawlette has never felt like such an accomplishment. But actually finding the time to knit another pattern just for fun doesn’t happen often.

jovia back

This little shawl taught me a new method for starting. It casts on about a third of the total stitches and then does some super-fancy increases in the very first row. This gives a firm top edge from which the lace cascades down (or in this case, garter and lace).

jovia corner

This is the shawl I started with a different yarn, and didn’t compensate for the change in gauge until I was a third of the way through. Luckily the increases I added on the tips worked just fine. Then I started the bind off only to discover I didn’t have nearly enough yarn. I decided a different color would give the shawl a frosted look. Luckily I have some white sock yarn with silver threads that perfectly matched this purple yarn with silver glitter. Not that you can see the sparkle in any of the photos…

jovia aside

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