Babies everywhere!

There’s a couple of batches of babies headed into my social circle in the next 6 months. Like any good knitter I feel the need to welcome them to this planet with wool. First up I’ve knit some baby booties:

baby booties

In the interests of speed I’ve chosen one big skein of yarn that’ll work for several items (Briar Rose Chris in some version of foresty green that I dug out of the deep stash) and I picked a few patterns.

First I knit Eco Baby Booties. It’s a remnant you have to get from an archive of someone’s old blog – but I really didn’t want to have to think about what I was knitting so that worked for me. I did some k2tog, yo eyelets around the ankle and made a crochet tie. The booties themselves are knit flat and seamed up the front. The shaping is all in the toe but the garter stitch is stretchy and molds into a 3D boot easily.

baby booties yellow 2

The best booties I got for Windsor were the ones I could tie on and thus – all the booties I’m making have ties. The second booties are the classic Cutest Booties which I gauged-up for worsted weight yarn. Basically these are top down, heel flap socks- made tiny.

baby booties pink

One set of booties has crochet ties, the other has three strands of yarn plied back onto each other. For the record making the thicker yarn is faster. Then there’s the tassels (yellow) vs the pompoms (pink) and here I must note that the tassels are both faster and use less yarn.

Overall I love them both, and I’m so glad I didn’t try to knit FOUR of the same thing. If you’re looking for a fast baby gift I absolutely recommend worsted weight booties.

(see my eco and cutest booties on Ravelry, if you want)

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