Sweater revisited

I’m revisiting this sweater, in part for Twist Collective, but mostly because it’s an awesome sweater. I knit my own version of their Orange Pop back in 2010 as part of my 12 sweaters in a year challenge. (Lime Pop, on Ravelry) I knit mine out of Quince & Co Lark yarn, which has held up beautifully over the last 4 years. Especially when you consider that this was one of three sweaters I wore constantly while I was pregnant and most of my collection didn’t fit.

full term

After all that stretching the first thing this sweater needed was some care and attention. Into the bath it went for a soak and a full re-blocking.

pop soak

After a trip to the spa this beauty is as good as new. I love the way the reverse stranded yoke blends all five colors, the pattern is truly more than the sum of its parts. I’ve tried my hand at designing a few reverse stranded patterns and none of them have worked. Knitting this yoke is easy, the pattern even includes directions so you can work it knit in the round (not purled in the round, thank goodness!) But designing a pattern that’ll look good? The way Norah Gaughan has done here? It is much harder than it looks.

pop yoke

Along with the eye-catching yoke this sweater has many little details that make it fun to knit and really stylish to wear. The little notch in the collar may be my favorite part. It’s understated, visually it doesn’t compete with the yoke, but it makes everything fit just so.

pop collar

Overall this sweater is a classic. The shaping in the body makes it hang perfectly from the yoke. And the loose drape of the fabric blends well with the current aesthetic trend toward less fitted sweaters. The hem mirrors the colors in the yoke. And while I made my sleeves full length, the half length sleeves in the pattern are really cute too. This sweater makes anything you wear with it look like a complete outfit.

pop portrait
(please excuse my camera’s focus, apparently it thought the cat was the subject of this photo)

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