pumpkin flavored pumpkin seeds

Don’t laugh, these are delicious. And I’d argue that in this world where EVERYTHING is pumpkin flavored around the fall, pumpkin seeds have as much right to wear the spices as anything else.

What makes things pumpkin flavored, anyway? Because I promise you there’s very little actual pumpkin going into that latte*. The truth is that what people are labeling “pumpkin” flavored is really just the collection of spices that go into pumpkin pies. Personally, I would see nothing wrong with “autumn spiced lattes” but maybe I’m just too much of a stickler for the truth.

Anyway, back to my pumpkin seeds. These actually came out of a pumpkin, although you can make equally good toasted seeds with any other winter squash. I think the acorn squash seeds are a bit small for toasting, but it’s a personal preference. Since I was aiming for “pumpkin flavored” I didn’t bother to rinse these after I separated them from the pumpkin guts. I was pretty clean about the separation though, so there aren’t any chunks of pumpkin on my tray, just a nice orange sheen to the seeds:

seeds untoasted

For one pumpkin’s worth of seeds (almost a full cookie sheet) I sprinkled on 2Tbsp of raw sugar and less than 1/4tsp of salt. Plus the spices: just a pinch or two of each sprinkled on from a height over the pan so they spread evenly. In this instance I stuck with cinnamon and allspice. I considered clove, but I only have whole cloves and getting out the mortar and pestal for “a pinch” seemed overkill.

I’d recommend toasting these at 350F for 6-8 minutes. The trick is that with all the sugar and the pumpkin juices they can burn easily. For example, I got distracted by Windsor and my seeds were in the oven for almost 15 minutes.

seeds toasted

15 minutes is much too long, but they were still tasty.

*There’s a well known pumpkin beer which actually contains ZERO pumpkin. It’s kind of a scandal in the beer world…


2 responses to “pumpkin flavored pumpkin seeds

  1. And years ago I bought a pint of Wilcox’s pumpkin ice cream. Like the beer, not an iota of pumpkin in the ingredients. I’m with you, “autumn spiced” is more accurate.

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