Stick season

I hope you’ve enjoyed stick season – or if you’re just tolerating it, good news, I’m done now. Stick season is wrapping up too, outside the first snowfall of the winter is drifting down out of the sky.

snowy dog

I think stick season is under appreciated. Autumn foliage is gorgeous, but it flares, burns brightly, and dies out almost as quickly. The season of fall is really longer than that. It starts when the trees still look like summer and the last of the garden is being harvested. And it wraps up now (or sometime in November – usually) when the snow ushers in winter. Stick season fills as much of autumn as foliage season, and it can be just a beautiful if you look for it. Attentive mindfulness helps me to find the pretty parts of stick season. And I think that practice of mindfulness is great for a lot of things in life.

And now, I’m going to have to figure out what else to feature on wordless wednesdays. Photography is a lot harder when I’m at work during all the daylight hours…


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