Claire of VerilyKnits

Today I’m excited to introduce you to another designer from the Indie Gift-Along. Here’s my interview with Claire.

Claire S

Please check out her designs, she also blogs at VerilyKnits

Becky: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
Claire: The majority of my designs are inspired by nature, I’m lucky to live just minutes from the countryside. My local area has been inspiring artists for hundreds of years, John Constable painted his landscape pictures just up the road from where I live including his most famous work The Hay Wain.

Becky: How did you first get started designing?
Claire: It all started with my son wanting a hat with trains on, I couldn’t find a pattern so I wrote my own which turned into the choo choo beanie.

Becky: What’s your favorite thing to knit?
Claire: I go through phases, in the past few months it has been hats, but just recently I’ve been focusing on sweaters; anything with cables is probably my favourite thing that the moment.

Becky: What do you do in your down time besides knitting?
Claire: My free time tends to be taken over by my sons, but when I get a chance I love Japanese number and picture puzzles like kakuro, hitori and hanjie.

Becky: Now about this GAL thing, how did you first hear about the gift-along?
Claire: I stumbled across the GAL last year whilst it was already in action, it looked like great fun so when I heard that it was going ahead again this year I signed up to join in straight away.

Becky: Pick one of your own designs that you think makes the perfect gift and tell us why you think that.
Claire: As it is starting to get colder up here in the northern hemisphere I’ll chose As Autumn Leaves, knit in worsted weight yarn its a great shawl for wrapping around your shoulders to keep out the cold, the heavier weight yarn also means that it is a quick knit shawl if you need to make a gift in a hurry.

Becky: Name one thing you hope to finish during the gift-along. Or, if you’re not knitting gifts this year, what’s one other designer’s pattern you WISH you were knitting?
Claire: The GAL has inspired me to do something I rarely ever do and this is make gifts for myself! I’ve already picked out boot candy cuffs by Sara Gresbach:

I’m also going to make myself a hat with earflaps, possibly Kotiya by Alex Tinsley:

And if I have time possibly also bubbly ballet slippers by Amy Kenagy:


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