two WIPs and an FO

If there’s one thing this gift-along has been good for it’s my knitting mojo. Nothing like whipping out a few accessories to help me remember how much I love knitting from other people’s patterns! I’m still using up that giant skein of the Country Road yarn from Briar rose, so we’ll be seeing a couple more green things before it’s all gone. Firstly, another tiny Vanilla diaper cover. I’d managed to forget how quickly the newborn size knits up. I completed about 70% of the thing in a single lab meeting!


I need a waistband, a braided tie, and a button to keep it out of the way of the umbilical cord stump. Then this gift will be off to it’s new home and ready to welcome a new tiny human.

The color work sock that was featured in wednesday’s photo is growing nicely. I love stranded color work, I think it knits up faster than plain stockinette. Or at least it holds my attention better. Some of its quick growth is surely because I sit up until 11:30 every night marveling at the pattern.


The socks are Bark Cloth, and I’m reversing the red and the white because I have more white yarn so it needed to be the MC. This makes reading the chart a WEE bit tricky, but so far I’ve managed to keep things straight. I just have to remember that the dark squares are my lighter yarn and the white squares are my darker yarn. How could that possibly be confusing?

And finally, my first FO of the gift-giving season. This toasty Miyuki cowl will be keeping someone else’s neck warm soon enough. But I had to take it for a test drive first.

miyuki cowl2

It’s quality control. Obviously. I had to make sure it was warm enough, and not to scratchy. Yup, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. See more on my project page.

If you haven’t gotten in the Gift-Along yet there’s still plenty of time! The knit-alongs, games, and prizes will continue until the end of January. But the sale ends tonight, 23:59 EST. So I highly recommend stocking up on patterns while they’re 25% off. Personally I’ve bought 15 pdfs, and I feel at least one more splurge coming on before midnight…


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