I hope you had a good thanksgiving, my family’s massive gathering was made slightly more exciting by that snowstorm that blew up the coast. But when you’ve been gathering as a clan for more than 30 years that’s just not the sort of thing you stop for a little weather.


It’s friday and now that turkey has been consumed, pies presented and eaten – we move on to less traditional traditions. While the rest of America is shopping we’ll be playing board games, taking hikes, holding a second potluck (because there are two days, we might as well have two feasts!)

If I’m lucky Windsor will take good naps and play with her cousins and I’ll get some quality knitting time with my current giftalong projects. I have two pairs of boot toppers, 4 baby hats* and 1 adult hat, a cowl, and a toddler sweater all packed in my travel bags. I don’t honestly think I’ll get time to knit all this, unless Windsor decides she likes Nana better than Mama. But it never hurts to be over-prepared. I was packing on tuesday night, and you know how it goes. You look at your travel, how it might be affected by the snow, consider the potential for cold, and suddenly you’ve packed a few extra skeins of wool, just in case…

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