Meg Roke knits

Today’s interview is with Meg of Meg Roke knits! All her lovely designs can be found on Ravelry. Remember that all designer’s for-sale patterns are qualified for our knit and crochet -alongs where you can win both digital prizes and lovely physical prizes! Join us on Ravelry.


Becky: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
Meg: I “see” stitches everywhere I go. Truly. Ideas will just pop into my head from nature on a walk through my neighborhood, from the the print of colorful fabric, or even from clothing designs from an old movie. Even this morning, at my son’s library group, the concept for a new design bubbled up while watching the children play.

Becky: How did you first get started designing?
Meg: Several years ago, I was hunting through Ravelry for a simple hat with a cabled rim. I just got this idea into my head that I really really wanted to knit a hat with a horseshoe cable and could not for the life of me find one! So I sat down and began working on my first design… then it just spiraled from there.

Becky: What’s your favorite thing to knit?
Meg: As much as I love the beauty and complexity of challenging patterns/designs, I really prefer to make simple items with just a hint of interest or challenge. I am both a process and a product knitter. I get really swept up on how the finished knit will look, but at the end of the day I think the greater pleasure comes from the relaxing and rhythmic motions of simple knitting. I gravitate toward accessories more than anything – cowls, hats and mittens (for adults and kiddos). I love knit sweaters and socks so so much, but do not get around to knitting those as often – only so many hours in the day!

Becky: What do you do in your down time?
Meg: What’s down time? Ha, just kidding. I sew a little (mostly square shaped items) and love baking too. There is always some kind of baked good under a glass dome on our kitchen counter. I confess I am also a TV/movie addict, especially period piece and mystery movies or shows. So if I’m knitting, I’m on the couch in front of the TV.

Becky: When/how did you first hear about the gift-along?
Meg: I have two good friends who are also knit-wear designers (Andi Smith and Andrea Sanchez) and they both encouraged me to pursue it. I’m so glad I did! This whole experience is turning out to be great fun!

Becky: Pick one of your own designs that you think makes the perfect gift and tell us why you think that.
Meg: My Colorblock Mittens are a go-to for gift knitting for several reasons. First, there is a huge size range included (child’s small to men’s) so you can make a pair for everyone in the family. Second, the pattern actually includes TWO patterns: fingerless mitts and full mittens. Third, a pair of adult fingerless mittens can be made in a few hours (or couple episodes of Downton Abbey) because this design calls for bulky yarn. Big needles + big yarn + small project = fast knitting.

Becky: Name one thing you hope to finish during the gift-along. Or, if you’re not knitting gifts this year, what’s one other designer’s pattern you WISH you were knitting?
Meg: I did start a GAL project this week and will definitely finish this cute little hat for my son, Tommy. The pattern is called Sardines by Andrea Sanchez and is a slouchy hat with with sweet little fish all over. I fully intend to start and finish another pattern that I’ve had in my queue for a while. It is a cowl from a gorgeous collection of two-color-cabled accessories. The cowl is called Black Bunny by Andi Smith. I still have to pick out yarn for that though. Aw shucks, yarn shopping.
Becky: Yeah, I have Black Bunny in my library too! I love how it looks with variegated yarn for the cables. And how often do you find an intricate pattern that looks GOOD with variegated yarn??


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