In case you were curious, I did NOT get all my knitting done over Thanksgiving break. In fact I got less than even I expected (nevermind what I packed for…) Windsor came down with a bug thursday and she spent pretty much all of friday cuddled in my lap. It’s been a long time since I knit with a napping baby in my lap, and it’s much harder when the baby gets to be toddler sized! And awake? Even a sick toddler will play with your yarn… I did managed to finish my boot toppers.

This was my THIRD try to make something out of this single skein of Puffin yarn. The good news is that it holds up well to repeated frogging. I tried to make a cowl first (not nearly enough yarn) so then I switched to the Hemlock Shade Boot toppers. Which were almost perfect.
After I finished the first topper I weighed it and the remaining yarn. Turns out I’d knit a 39 row topper but only had enough yarn remaining for a 32 row topper. So I had to frog it a second time, and do some math. I figured I should be able to get two 35 row toppers based on the weight of the yarn. So I reknit it with some rows missing. Then knit the second one… When I got to the bind off I ran out of yarn AGAIN with 5 stitches remaining, so I did a little cheat. Just pass each stitch over the next without knitting first. This cheat makes for a really tight bound off edge. But since the rest of the edge is stretchy it’s not too bad. Also, I didn’t want to frog the yarn another time.

After that I cast on for the Bubblicious hat. I’m knitting a pair of them in opposite colors for a set of twins. I thought it’d be just the right amount of matchy without too much identical knitting.


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