beef tagine

Remember how I used to do all those lovely food posts? I have to say, the process of getting dinner on the table when you’re trying to feed a baby before her 7:340 bedtime? It’s a bit different. I’ve become a big fan of my crockpot (stereotypes are true for a reason)

But this crockpot recipe is actually pretty amazing. I adapted it from a dutch oven recipe I found online. I was looking for something beyond the standards of chilli, stew, and soup. I guess this is sort of like chilli. But the flavors are completely different.

1lb hamburg
1 14oz can each tomatoes and chickpeas
1 medium onion
3 c stock
1 small winter squash (I’m using mostly kaboucha, a small one is still 2-3lbs)
3oz prunes
spices: pepper, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, paprika

Now for the fun (easy part)
The night before put the frozen hamburg lump in the crockpot. Open the tomatoes and dump them in. Open the chickpeas, drain them, and dump them in.

Chop up that onion and those prunes, and dump it in too.

Ready? This is the hardest part. Chop/peel the winter squash. I generally slice the thing in half, scoop the seeds, slice it into wedges, then use the chopping knife to take the skin off. Then finish chopping.

If you’re really trying to minimize work the next day put all the spices in a bowl and stick it somewhere safe, so you don’t have to measure them while keeping a 14 month old entertained. I probably use about a teaspon each of cumin and ginger, half a teaspoon of paprika nad cinnamon, and I just grind the pepper right into the crockpot so I have no idea how much I’m adding. This dish definitely needs salt, but I usually add that at the table.

Put the crockpot in the fridge and go to bed.

In the morning put the crockpot on low, and walk away. When you get home (for me that’s 11.5 hours later. But I bet this dish is done in 8 or 10) add the spices, and start some rice on the stove (bonus points for a rice cooker with a timer)


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