Pretty colors

Well, sometimes the weekend just gets away from me. I’m sure you know how that goes. One second it’s friday evening. Then there’s a blur of cookie making, snowpants, glittery christmas decorations, and all of a sudden: BAM. It’s monday morning, you’re back at work, and you haven’t seen a computer screen all weekend. And I’m not sorry about that either.

So let’s have monday’s post today, shall we? I want to show you some pretty colorwork patterns that you could be knitting as part of the great indie Giftalong of 2014.

First I want to mention the Bark Cloth socks. I find that colorwork socks knit much faster than regular socks, not sure why. I’m making a pair this season, and I have to admit, they’re going more slowly than expected. But that’s because I’m not really knitting on them at all… Turns out even fast socks are slow if you just leave them in a corner. But wait! I’m getting side tracked. They’re still the prettiest socks I ever did see:

What other pretties do I have to show you? If you’re looking for intricate colorwork that’s not a huge commitment I love delicate little pretties for your hands. The Woodcarving mittens and Leighton House mitts fit the bill perfectly.

Woodcarving mittens are such a classic shape, and I’m a sucker for the blue and gold pairing. I also love the victorian filigree look to the Leighton House pattern.

If you’re looking for colorwork that’s a little less traditional I love the Alpine Lattice hat. The pattern includes a cowl too.

Give it as a set, or make different pieces for different people, whatever suits your fancy (and time constraints)

No time constraints in your schedule? My I recommend a colorwork sweater? How about something classic like Wrapped in Snowflakes:

The plain body and gauge will mean it’s quick, well – quick for a sweater.


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