Christmas cookies

I needed some cookies for a swap at work. It was December 14th when I was baking, also known as the day after St. Lucia day. Also also known as the day many of my relatives uploaded their St. Lucia photos to facebook.

So with that inspiration I went searching for a pepparkakor cookie recipe (my sweedish family has passed down several recipes, including sweedish coffee bread and sweedish meatballs. But no pepparkakors)


I used this one from PBS because it has maple syrup in it (Vermonty and Sweedish, what’s not to love!) I followed it almost exactly, except I added 1tsp of cardamom as well – because every sweedish recipe from my family includes cardamom (yes, even the meatballs) so I figured it ought to go in spiced cookies as well.

pepparkakor 1

Those are my great grandmother’s cookie cutters. Since we don’t have a family recipe I can’t say for certain they were ever used to make St. Lucia cookies before. But I think it’s a pretty safe bet.

And of course Windsor helped! If by “helped” you understand I mean she had a great time eating raw dough and smashing it into the little cookie cutters I gave her.

pepparkakor baby

You can’t deny she gets the concept. The dough is supposed to go in those things, somehow…

4 responses to “Christmas cookies

  1. Lisa-Marie Haugmoen

    It’s always fun to keep the family traditions going. I usually bake 7 different “cookies” . All of the recipes have been in our family for ages. And our friends love my Norwegian “cookie cakes”. It’s so cute to watch the littlest one in the family have fun “helping”! Glad you’re making lots of wonderful goodies and memories.

    • We’re enjoying making memories! And i agree family recipes are great. I love my great grandmother’s sweedish coffee bread recipe. I love that it starts with scalding the milk before an overnight rise – you can tell the recipe comes from before modern pasteurization!

  2. Oh, but there IS a family pepparkakor recipe. I just never made it . . . also a number of other family Christmas cookie recipes. . . . . I’ll copy them!

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