wrapping it up

I hope you had a wonderful holiday no matter what you were celebrating this week and this month. We celebrate Christmas, and with Windsor and her cousin (a year older than her) underfoot it is a very joyous holiday! As I suspected, I gave a few IOUs, but only to the adults on my list who will appreciate January Gifts just as much. The children mostly got sewing this year, instead of knitting. Sewing is much faster, so you can see what I did there…

Capes all around! Windsor got a hat and a skirt too. I had dreams of making a robin hood hat for my nephew – but my lack of time and craft felt got in the way…

I have one more gift-along present to show you all, my Stasia Cowl – which I finished in mid December, but apparently forgot to blog.

stasia 3

I knit this out of a full skein of peace fleece. It’s lovely and squishy. The cowl is knit flat, pulled through a keyhole style opening in the middle, twisted around itself, and seamed together at the ends to make a second keyhole. The result is this cool twisty squishy fabric which can’t quite be explained, or even demonstrated in 2D photos.

stasia 4

So you’ll have to take my word for it (ravelry project here.)


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