odds and ends

I haven’t shown you this cute pair of mittens yet:

who needs thumbs 2

They’re for Windsor, so they’re thumbless. And I knit them up in a single weekend even though I knit 3.85 mittens total. I had almost finished the pair before I realized they were just the right size, which is bad for babies – they need room to grow.

I finished one more gift just in time for Christmas day:


This is the Eden Fells hat. It was still on the needles while people were opening gifts, but it was given on the 25th. I cast on for this hat at the end of last week, so I’m pretty proud that I had it finished on time – it’s 27 inches around (and just barely fits)

There is one more gift that was done on the 26th. More pictures soon, we just need to catch some daylight…

Finally, my gift along interview is up! I’m happy to be featured over at Tricot Treat (Maylin is the mastermind behind Wingspan, among other lovelies)


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