New year, new goals

Starting a new calender triggers something in us humans. I haven’t done official resolutions for years now, but I do like to set goals. One of my big goals for 2015 is to reconnect. During Windsor’s first year it is understandable that we as a family drew in, kept things close to home, and spent the extra time learning about each other and our new roles in our little family.

But now I need to reach out, reconnect with friends in real life – and here online. I hope to visit your blogs and comment more often. I hope to share more here, and I hope to hear from you too! As a designer I’m hoping to get to TNNA again this year (The national convention for needle arts, which includes us knitwear designers) and as a knitter I’m hoping to get to Rhinebeck in the fall!

I’m also hoping to knit more. Since Windsor has recently accepted Daddy’s help at bedtime I have a real reason to hope that these things will work out!

What about you? Do you have goals, resolutions, and/or hopes for the new year? Let me know!

hat view

Neil’s new hat is Polonaise. I had it finished just before the new year, but then we needed to find a time for pictures when it wasn’t dark out…


2 responses to “New year, new goals

  1. I don’t necessarily do resolutions, but I do have goals.I want to get a job, I want to learn how to do entralac, maybe dye some yarn, but I also want to spend more time with family. I think they’re all achievable goals. Granted this isn’t all of them, but it’s certainly a sampling.

    • Oh those are all very good goals. I have done the classic koolaid dyes, but you can use any food safe dyes. I’ve got a friend who loves cake frosting dyes because they have a much better color range.

      The nice thing about food safe dyes is you don’t need special equipment. You can just use whatever is in your kitchen!

      On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 10:14 PM, Ramblings wrote:


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